Holistic Design Studio is a new initiative being developed by Nelson Design Associates and its partners. Traditionally a construction project would need to hire an engineer, architect, landscape architect, electrical engineers, contractors, etc. Each team works independently and often times there are conflicts in the design and it fails to reach its full potential. A lot of effort and money is spent assembling the team and in the end they don't always work as a team.

Now imagine making one phone call and having everyone you need for your project taken care of. Imagine a team that develops the design and construction documents together as one unit so everything has been considered and the design achieves its full potential. Imagine Holistic Design Studio!

Holistic Design Studio is a collection of design professionals from a wide variety of professions. Each professional has a reputation for excellent work, and typically runs a successful small business. These professionals are committed to being a part of the Holistic Design Studio and work together as a group to approach the project in a uniquely focused manner. It is always the same group of people, so there is a familiarity with each other and how to best approach the specific task at hand. The team builds off of each other's strengths rather than compete with the other team members to have the most design influence. The end result is a project that has been efficiently designed to its maximum potential.

As we develop this idea, we would love to hear from you about things you would like to see from a design team, and professional services you may be seeking. If you are a professional that is interested in being a part of the team, please contact us so we can evaluate your potential contributions. Please visit the contact page to provide feedback. We will continue to provide updates as this service is further developed.

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