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Mr. Nelson has over 15 years of experience in landscape design for residential projects, commercial projects, and public sector projects. He has built a reputation for his residential design work because of his unique design approach and construction management skills. He has designed for a range of project sizes, from simple spruce ups to high end residential master plans. Several design build companies in fact bring Mr. Nelson in as a design consultant for their more complicated projects.

He is also experienced in commercial planning for residential developments, commercial center design, active adult communities, transit oriented design, and urban design. He has also worked on several public sector design projects including streetscapes, downtown redevelopment/ master planning, public parks/plazas, corridor beautification studies, signage design, and bridge enhancements.

Mr. Nelson has worked with a wide variety of clients and consultants in both private and public sectors. He is experienced in all levels of project development; from due diligence & analysis phases through construction documentation. He is well versed in the process of entitlement, and permitting as well as experienced with the public process.

As a LEED accredited professional, sustainable design practice is at the core of every project.

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Remodeling and Home Design
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