Sustainable Design, Green Design, Environmental Design, Best Management Practices, etc. are all terms used for a fast growing trend towards design and engineering that is considerate of environmental issues and impacts. We are recognized for our talents in this type of design specialty. While not every project requires a focus on sustainable design, we try to incorporate the sustainability mindset into everything we do. Matt Nelson, president of NDA, is a LEED Accredited Professional. He has been involved in several projects that have pursued LEED certification or followed the LEED certification process. Most recently, NDA was hired as a consultant to The Morton Arboretum to prepare submittal documentation for the Sustainable SITES Pilot Program. We are honored to have been a part of one of the first projects of what is sure to become a nationally recognized program.

We have a strong background in design of native plantings, stormwater/drainage management, permeable pavers, water use reduction, wastewater recycling, alternative energy sources, and many more state of the art techniques. Let us help you incorporate sustainable design into your next project.

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